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1. Admission will be given to the eligible candidates on payment of prescribed fees along with other necessary documents at the time of admission
2. Students who wish to discontinue, during the course after admission, both years of the course.
3. Students seeking admission should be accompanied by their parents at the time of admission.
4. Students should have a minimum attendance of 80-85% to be eligible to appear for the annual examination.
5. Bringing mobile phones to the college or campus is punishable offence as per the college rules.
6. Use of their own vehicles by students in the campus is not permitted.
7. Students seeking leave shall take the prior permission from the concerned staff.
8. Students who are absent in any class are allowed to the next class only on the submission of the leave letter from their parents. If absent for more than 3 days parents have to meet the concerned staff.
9. It is necessary to attend all college works unitedly, when needed.
10. All the tests and examinations are compulsory. Absentees will be fined or reprimanded.
11. Home assignments are compulsory and are to be submitted to the concerned staff within the specified time
12. Library card will be issued by the college, which is necessary to take the book from library. If a book gets misplaced by the students, double the amount of book price will be charged.
13. Students shall maintain Discipline, Obedience and good Behavior.
14. Students are required to safeguard the properties of the Institution, damage to which will result in heavy penalty and punishment.
15. Loitering in the verandah is strictly prohibited.
16. Parents are requested to meet the principal, at least once in a month to know the progress, Conduct and regularity of their children.
17. No deviation will be allowed on the basis of religion caste, or creed.
18 Rude behavior such as smoking, ragging, harassing and teasing other students, staff or teaching & non-teaching faculty will be considered seriously and will result into severe punishment or debarring from the institution.


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