Saraswati Mhalappa Kamath Agri-Craft and Skill Development Institute

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As per objective of KET to encourage the people to develop and make themselves worthy and competent enough to join the main stream of social life, we adopted as part and parcel of our overall educational plan to teach the students Craft, Agriculture, Horticulture etc. so that they to become self sufficient to undertake their own work and fulfill their needs. In this direction as per the desire of Late Shri P M Kamath it is decided to start separate institute of crafts and culture as “Saraswati Mhalappa Kamath Agri-Craft and Skill Development Institute”. The institutes basically aspires to impart minimum necessary and training in traditional crafts agriculture for students fraternity to make them truly familiar with rural Bharat and to impart necessary knowledge, skill and right attitude among the rural youths and those engaged  in different trades to make them to employable and more productive.

Initially, this Institute wishes to introduce training based on Modular Employable Skills in CO2 Fabrication, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Fashion Design etc. Shri Damodar V Bhat, Mumbai has donated one CO2 machine and promised to donate all necessary equipment in respect of CO2 fabrication course.

The trust is eagerly looking for philanthropic people who can donate either in kind or cash for purchase other equipment and machinery. Further Trust also desires to construct dormitory for candidate coming from different part of the district for training. The estimated cost of this is ?25 Lakhs. We would highly indebted to those who wish to donate for this noble cause.



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