Join Hands by Donation/Sponsoring



We earnestly request you kindly to contribute generously for the noble cause of education and share the joy of helping an educational institution, to be managed in a model way.

As you consider donating, please rest assured that the entire amount of funds (100%) will be used directly for the purposes you specify.  No administrative overheads are charged.  For example, if you provide Rs 2000 to procure a school desk and bench, the entire ?2,000 will be paid to the carpenters to provide the required school furniture.  Further, our books are routinely audited by government auditors.


For Schools

School operations and program expansions require a lot of funds.  Our trustees as well as well-wishers in the community are constantly supporting the schools.  We invite you to browse the DONATE section and strongly consider supporting any of the educational opportunities for our students.

We invite you to donate for any the following areas of ongoing programs and operations:

Donate a room to memorialize a loved one

For 3.5 Lakh Rupees, you can support the construction of a class room named after a loved on.


Teachers Welfare Fund

The amount from this fund will be used to provide additional pay pocket to teachers based on their excellent teaching ability. Note that the pay-scale at our schools is lower than comparable Government-funded schools. Thus the bonus provide opportunities to recognize and retain our good faculty.


Adopt a needy student for their entire education up to SSLC

We will identify needy students who are currently unable to even pay their fees. We invite you to participate in the lives of these students and provide them a worry-free opportunity to pursue their primary and secondary education. For a donation of Rs 10000, we will provide all aspects of their education including annual fees, Uniforms, computer lab fees, books, bus/transportation charges and any other incidentals. You will receive annual update of the student academic performance.


Needy Students Fund

Funds in any amount can be donated and will be used to support tuition fees of students who are currently unable to pay their fees and purchase books.


Awards to outstanding scholars at SSLC and sportsmen.

Library Books

We are constantly purchasing new books to our library. You can choose to credit funds for our book purchases at Strand Book Stall (Mumbai and Bangalore). Alternately, magazine subscriptions will be most appreciated.


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