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The primary aim of the Konkan Education Trust is to provide a superb educational opportunity to local and regional students.


"To develop in young generation the skills they would need to succeed in their higher education pursuits, inculcate in them heritage, develop and strengthen their self confidence in their ability to effect positive changes in society and to be prouductive citizens"




The trust primarily aims to support and promote the advancement of educational activities in all branches such as Kinder Gartner Primary, High School colleges leading up to a degree in particular and post graduate level in Arts, Management, Fine Arts, Architecture and such other subjects in general as trustees may deem fit for the benefit of students irrespective of caste, religion or sex

Konkan Education Trust is a NGO registered under Trust Act. It took its birth on 21-10-1991. The The trust promoted by few like minded Konkani speaking people with a view to encourage the Konkani speaking people to develop and make themselves worthy and competent enough to join the main stream of social life. However the trust intends that benefits of the trust shall be open to all.

The meaning of logo

“Unflinching faith begets knowledge”. Person who has doubtless faith in his action only attains knowledge. This is the basic mantra of “Bhagvat Geeta Jnana Yajna”. This is basic principle of all our institutions. The trust wishes that all the institutions run by it should organize their programmes on this principle.

The circle indicates dynamism. It is symbol of evolution and expansion too. The lighting lamp at the center is jnana jyoti. The seekers of knowledge should put oil in the form of faith and dedication to light the lamp while burning itself.

Om indicates ‘Super Knowledge’ which is pronounced ‘Aa’ ‘Uu’ and ‘Ma’ which connotes the whole truth of universe. This represent Brahma-Jnana. This is self realization of Brahma. This is ultimate goal enshrined by our Vedas. Jnana Jyoti – lighting lamp provides light, power and energy to the people and keeps away the darkness of ignorance. Sheer hunger and faith in ones action brings knowledge. Knowledge is highest purifier on earth. This is the main belief one has to develop in one’s life is the base of Bharatiya culture and tradition. This is universal truth applicable to all people, all places and at all time. The vision and objective of the trust is based on this belief only.



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